Vince Tan wrote some quick tips to improve Google Adsense revenue (read the original article); I find it interesting, thus sharing here the 12 tips with bits of my own comments.

1. Remove on-site publisher advertising.

Agree, I have removed the on-site advertising link since day one of its introduction.

My reason was that the on-site advertising link makes the ad block looks messy, and I want it as clean as possible.

2. Add images or video near the ads but please put a line or border to separate them.

3. Blend your ads, make sure the links are blue and the URL colour stay as close as possible to the background colour.

Good idea about setting the URL colour as close as possible to the background colour, worth a try.

4. Avoid 468×60 by all means.

Vince got a good point that most net surfers are familiar with this (probably oldest) online ad format and tends to be blind-sighted about it.

I am still using it though, for the same reason… simply because it’s obviously an advertisement for readers and won’t be over offensive especially when used at the front page.

5. Draw an unconventional polygon, slide them to pieces, places your adsense in middle of it… this will make your Adsense not like an Adsense.

I have seen this tactic before, but I am concerned with Adsense TOS about this, which stated that there should be a clear borderline between Adsense ads and images.

What Vince suggested here sounds like putting the ad block in the middle of an image… I suggest anyone interested with this tactic to email Google for affirmation on TOS.

6. Less content and links and choices leads to greater CTR.

Absolutely agree. I used to build websites with 3-4 blocks to fit in as much contents and links as possible, but in the end found that the simplest design is the most effective when it comes to improving CTR.

7. Use link unit as though they are a navigation bar.

True, it works miracle and used as if like a top bar or side bar.


8. Place them on the right hand side of an article.
9. Slice your article into multi page and place your ads at the bottom of the article before going to the next page.
10. For forums, place your ads below the reply button, never between posts.
11. For forum again, place below the signature of your users *be ready to get fired*
12. Place link unit either right below or above your navigation bar. Make sure your navigation bar uses the same font size and colour scheme as your link unit.

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