Link building is a time consuming task, but often play the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Lots of webmasters know about the importance of link building, but often find themselves limited in ideas to build incoming links or to request for link exchanges.

Below are 15 advance link building tactics from SEOmoz, I am just listing the simple wordings here; please refer to their original article for details.

1. Directories
2. Top Competition
3. Link Searches
4. Usurping Competitors’ Links
5. Article Writing and Submission
6. Forums and Online Communities
7. Blogging and Comments
8. Renting Pages from Authority Sites
9. Purchasing Online Advertising
10. Text Link Brokers
11. Unique Tools & Services
12. Automated Link Building Programs
13. Donations and Charity
14. Press Releases
15. Natural Link Building

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