This is the summary of my LEARN TO BLOG project, which provides simple guidelines for newbies to build a decent blog that has the potential to grow into a popular and successful blog.

All it takes is 15 days to make things on track, follow the links for more details..

Day 1 - Find Your Topic and Niche

You need to find a specific topic that has a balance of growth potential, monetization value and penetration difficulties. I also strongly suggest that you find a topic that you have genuine interest with.

Day 2 - Set Up Your Domain and Web Hosting

Find a reliable domain host and web host. Some tips on choosing a proper URL and good web hosting.

Day 3 - Set Your Goals

What do you want to achieve from your blog? It’s difficult to achieve something if you don’t know what that ’something’ is.

Day 4 - Installing Blogging Platform

I suggest to use Wordpress as your blogging software, with highlights on the key features of the script, as well as links to find detail guidelines.

Day 5 - Start Posting

You need to start writing ASAP even if your blog design and settings are not 100% ready yet. Reasons are that you at least a few post to start submitting your blog to directories, get link exchanges, ask for reviews and apply for advertising networks.

Day 6 - Fine Tune Your Blog

Set appropriate Title and Description for your blog, set up SEO friendly permalinks and learn to categorize your post. Keep posting articles and updating your blog.

Day 7 - Set Up Your Feeds

What is feed? How important is it and where to start setting it?

Day 8 - Let’s Ping Your Blog

Use RSS and pings to gain wider readership, let (blog) search engines know about the existence of your blog. Use trackbacks or pingbacks to create communications with other bloggers.

Day 9 - Design Your Blog

If you are a great web designer, great! No worries if you are not, just keep your blog design simple and navigation-friendly. There’s loads of free templates that you can use for your blog as well.

Day 10 - Learn Search Engine Optimization

Learn the basic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to get good positions in Search Engine Result Pages.

Day 11 - Directory Submission

Submit your blog to various directories.

Day 12 - Community Networking

Communicate and build a network with other webmasters, bloggers and potential readers. Utilize the power of leverage.

Day 13 - Link Exchanges

Find websites/blogs that share the same topic of interest with your blog, and request for link exchanges.

Day 14 - Avoiding Bloggers’ Block

Where to find writing resources and inspirations? Tips to overcome bloggers’ block if you are facing it in the future.

Day 15 - Monetization

If your attention is to make money with your blog, learn about the options you have, and where to start monetizing your blog.


The 15 days process are the things that you need to do to build a good blog. It doesn’t guarantee success but if you are implementing things that I recommended, you have far better chances of success comparing to not doing things as suggested.

These are just the basics, there are still lots of things to learn and to continuously improving your blog. So keep on learning, enjoy your blogging and good luck.

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