There are actually 4 ways to make money with Google Adsense:

#1 CPC or Pay Per Click - The main business model of Google Adsense, when visitors visit your site and click on an advertisement, you make money.

CPC probably contributes 80-90% of Adsense incomes for most webmasters.

#2 CPM or Pay Per View - Adsense advertisers have options to make their ads CPM based instead of CPC. You got paid whenever visitors visit your site with a CPM ad.

However compared to CPC, not too many advertisers are using CPM campaigns with Adsense.

#3 Site Targeted Advertising - It’s similar to CPM but advertisers pay to have their ads show on your site specifically rather than a massive untargeted campaign.

If you are running a famous website with specific niche, this option works pretty well.

#4 Referral - Get paid by referring people to sign up with Adsense and FireFox etc. The conversion rate and rewards are not that good, so I don’t really recommend this.

Fact is you probably covered option 1-3 by putting your Google Adsense code at your website. The same code is actually used for all CPC, CPM and on-site advertising. It’s easy and simple.

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