Link baiting is to attract people to link to your web page because you are writing something interesting or useful. A successful link baiting campaign can bring in tons of incoming links in no time.

There are some basic tactics to increase the chance of getting successful link baiting, here are 6 useful tips for achieving the target.

1. Be the First

Be the first to write about a specific news or event. It’s not as easy as it sounds, to be the first will require lots of knowledge and/or resources for allowing you to have the extra edge of getting to the news first.

It’s not just limited to news or daily events though; if you are expert in some fields, you can write something creative that others haven’t thought of, that’s a first too.

2. Be the Expert

To be one of the best in your niche; again it requires lots of knowledge and/or resources. People will like to learn from the best, at least to learn from those that are really good if not the best.

3. Be Resourceful

If you can’t find a niche of your expertise, than at least you need to know where to find those info. Quote from useful articles and give credits to the original articles; don’t be surprise by the appreciation shown by your readers for saving them time to look for good contents.

4. Be Fun

Create something fun and interesting. Information with entertaining value normally create good buzz.

5. Be Contrary

Go against the trend. A classic example was an article a couple of months ago, namely “Adsense is Dead.” It’s so contrary to the believes that Google Adsense is a great income revenue, and the contradiction created an immediate buzz.

6. Be Nasty

If you can set the ethic aside, start a blog war. Go ahead and attack someone famous, they are likely to retaliate and link back to you in a hostile way, and in turn created lots of incoming links. Nasty but probably one of the most effective link baiting technique.

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