Once in a while you will see bloggers going crazy about Google PageRank (PR) updates… what actually is Google PageRank and why so many people are crazy about it?

For me Google PR is simply a representation by Google search engine as a specific value for webpage, with PR 10 being the highest while PR 0 the lowest. You can read the PR details from Google itself.

PR is a Google benchmark that your website are doing well in terms of getting backlinks, which happens to be one of the major factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Note that PR is just a part of SEO; it doesn’t dictate the Search Engine Result Position (SERP). I have web pages with PR0 that rank higher than PR5 pages in search engine results.

The answer for improving PageRank is simple, that’s to get more links to your website; which also helps in improving SEO and SERP.

The direct benefit for having a good PR is the increase of advertising value for a website. A link from a high PR site will increase the PR value of the website (and again good for SEO) being link to.

Other than that PR is just merely a reference from Google on how a website or webpages are doing, and perhaps provide something to look forward for some webmasters that are crazy about PR.

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