How to choose a good web hosting? What’s the criteria for choosing a web host?

For me I ranked a web host according to these priorities.. uptime, server loading speed, customer service, operation record and lastly the price.

Lots of newbies are choosing their web hosting service based solely on pricing, and it could be a huge mistake. My experience told me that it’s worth paying higher price for better service, especially when it comes to web hosting.

To choose a web host, first you need to understand what you need. For most newbies a monthly 5GB bandwidth can be enough, but if you have the ambition to build a good commercial website, I advice you to find a package with 20-30GB BW instead.

You can forget about those web hosting that mentioned unlimited or unmetered bandwidth, it doesn’t make any business sense at all and there’s definitely going to be a catch somewhere.

Web hosting is a very competitive business, most web hosting are offering competitive pricing, so you shouldn’t be worry of getting overcharged or something.

As said my main priorities are on server uptime and loading speed. The worst nightmare for a webmaster is to have loads of visitors but the server keeps going down or loading really slow. We need a good server and web host.

To determine how reliable a web host is, we can check on various webmaster related forums about the company review. Lots of webmasters are happy to share their good and bad experience about various web hosting companies.

And off course we will learn about the reliability of our server after a month or two, but it’s better to do enough research before actually choosing the company.

Also, always check the web hosting company support system. Check if they have phone support, forums, messenger, or just emails.. and the most important is how fast they response to any inquires.

You can test the web hosting company by contacting them with some pre-sales question and see how fast and effective the sales representatives are giving a response.

Track record also plays a great role. Sometimes we hear good reviews on a web hosting company that probably just started for a few months, but later on turning sour because they don’t have enough experience in managing their server and probably overselling or something.

Try to find web hosting companies that have at least 2 years of good records, it’s worth sticking with those bigger web hosting firms, they are big for some reasons.

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