Initially when I started the “Learn to Blog” project, I thought that it would take around 2 weeks to kick start a new blog, so here it is.. 15 days to build a decent blog that has good chance to become successful in future.

Mind that these 15 days are only the basics, from finding a niche, to blog setting, promotion, SEO and monetization.

You will need continuous improvement to build a huge successful blog. Things like SEO, social networking and link exchanges will need to be done continuously.

There are other skills and techniques that need to be learn as well, like copywriting, advance link building technique, marketing and ads optimization. We will cover more about these in the future.

At the moment, follow those simple 15 days routine, and continuously updating your blog. There’s a good chance you will achieve decent results within 6-12 months.

Enjoy your blogging.

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