Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the skill or knowledge to boost your website into a good position in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SEO is a huge topic, it’s not something that we will be able to master in a day or two. We will start with understanding some of the basis of SEO skills.

SEO is to understand how the search engines work in ranking your pages in SERP. Different search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) will have different protocols but most of the basic SEO techniques work for all search engines in general.

The first thing for SEO is to use the right application or content management system (CMS). Simple HTML or PHP based CMS will work the best, as search Engine doesn’t work well with Java and Flash applications.

In other terms, keep your website as simple as possible, avoid using flashy images and programs. Blogging software like Wordpress and Blogger are meeting SEO requirements very well, bloggers often find themselves in good start compared to other CMS users.

Most will agree that incoming links play the major part in the success of SEO. You need other websites to link to you so that the search engine will crawl your pages, the more incoming links you have, probably the more frequent your pages will be crawled and there’s higher possibility for your page to rank well in SERP.

Submitting your blog to directories and requesting for link exchanges are the basic step in acquiring incoming links. The anchor text (the text that are use to link to your page) plays an important role as well, example Make Money Online will works better than Link.

Directories submission and link exchange will work to a certain extend, but for advance webmasters, we need to leverage on link baiting.. that is to create good quality contents that can attract people to refer and link to your blog without being requested. Link baiting often requires good understanding in a specific topic and/or great copywriting skills.

[Read a bit more about link baiting]

In the end it’s content that matters. You need unique and quality contents, and some writing techniques to do well in SEO. Some basic principles are to put proper keywords in your blog title and post title, use rich keywords when writing your post and avoid mumbling in blog post. Highlight important keywords like bolding it, just like what I am doing in a few occasions on this post.

That’s probably the basics of SEO, you need to learn more about SEO by continuous reading. Randy from SEOmoz created a list of 50 Top Blogs in SEO, worth a check.

I will be covering more about SEO myself on my new SEO blog.

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