If you have started posting once a day as suggested, you should have at least 6 blog posting by now. Time to start submitting your blog to directories.

Nowadays the main purpose for directory submission is not to get direct traffic, but to get incoming links for SEO purpose.

The incoming links from directories are probably not the most valuable in terms of quality, search engines might not value the links from directories as they value incoming links from content based websites.

However as a start, directory submission is the easiest way to get incoming links for your blog. Do spend some time on doing so.

Just googled for terms DIRECTORY, BLOG DIRECTORY, (YOUR BLOG RELATED KEYWORDS) + DIRECTORY etc and submit your blog to the directories.

Read the directory terms and conditions before submitting for approval, some directories will require your blog to be a few months old, some will require you to have a certain amount of post, while some will require linkbacks or even payment.

Note that getting approval from prime directories like Yahoo! and Dmoz are getting much harder these days, so don’t put too much hope on that. In fact you will have better luck with lower tier directories, but there’s no harm trying to submit your blog to those prime directories and every directory you can find.

You should try to get at least 30 backlinks from directories. As previously mentioned in SEO tips, anchor text play a significant role as well, make sure that you submitted your blog with a keyword rich and meaningful title.

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