Life will be easier if you have the proper bonding and networking with the right group of people. Networking is essential in any business, same rule applies for being a webmaster as well.

You need to make friends with other webmaster, particularly those that share the same interest and writing the same thing as you do. You can learn from the experience of others, and if you have good relationship with some webmasters, you can cross-promote each other websites from time to time.

You can meet other webmaster from various webmaster forums, or simply by net surfing. Most webmaster will provide means of contact like email, instant messenger or even phone number. Approach them with respect and mention your intention to create communication and bonding for mutual benefits in the future.

One technique I often use is whenever I am starting a new website, I will send out invitations to my contacts to start a website of similar topic. We can thus share information with each other, and interlink each other, thus our chance of success are better than working alone.

Community networking not only involved among webmasters, but with your potential visitors as well. Join some forums that are related with your blog topic, participate in discussions and make some friends. You might find yourself getting some decent traffic from your forum signature.

Forum is a good place to start getting incoming links as well. Some forums have a ‘website review’ section that allow you to post your blog URL and ask for feed back. It should create some decent traffic as well, and if your blog are good you might even get some loyal visitors from then on.

Some webmaster will suggest on blog commenting, which works just like forums in some sense. You should be able to get some traffic and make some friends by doing so. Participate in blog carnivals and memes are good ideas to build social networking as well.

I strongly advice you to leave good comments in forums or blogs if you are going to do so. Don’t just simply post something for the sake of exposure, you want to create a ‘branding’ for yourself with useful comments, that will lead to people being interested with the website in your signature.

Note that even though the visitors don’t have a website, they can still do some free promotion for you by sharing your link in emails or forums, or promote your blog by word of mouth. That will off course happen only if your blog is providing some great contents.

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