Link exchange is another basic element for SEO, and it has better value than directory submission, as quite often links from other topic related websites/blogs are generating much better direct traffic than directories.

Where to find websites for link exchanges?

There are a few ways of doing so..

Search for your blog related forums, you are likely to come across some webmasters that are active in that community. You can tell that from their forum signatures or forum profiles.

Search from search engine, simply type in your keywords and find related websites that have a link directory or link exchange page.

You can refine your search with some of the below search terms..


If you find a website with link directory, you can follow the links to the other websites, and request for link exchange as well.

How to ask for link exchange?

Obviously by email or contact form. What I mean here is how to write the request for link exchange.

There are a few important rules.. be polite, be respectful and get personal.

You can start with some personal opinions about the website that you are going to request for link exchange. Be sincere and mention some of the good things you have learn from their website, and that you will be honour if you can link to each other.

Don’t forget the thank you.

What if the webmaster doesn’t reply or reject my request?

Be prepared, it’s quite often that link exchange request is ignored and without reply. If you are asking link exchange for all related sites that you can find, including those very well developed websites.. chances are that you might only get 5-10 positive responses out of 100 requests.

You can off course increase your success rate by exchanging links with relatively new websites, those webmasters tend to be less picky for link exchange.

However mind that an incoming link from a developed website could worth more than 10 links from new websites, so it’s always worth the effort and ‘risk’ of being rejected for the link exchange request.

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