Bloggers’ block is the common term when bloggers are running short of blogging ideas and couldn’t deliver frequent posting.

Bloggers’ block can happen to blog newbies as well as season bloggers. The key is to equipped yourself with the proper technique to overcome the block, or totally avoiding the bloggers’ block at the first place.

Here are some common techniques that I find useful in generating writing ideas..

Blog on something that you are interested with

I always suggest to everyone to write about things that they are interested with. If you are really passionate about something, it provides you with that extra motivation to dig information about that topic.

Read more and collect resources

You can find information related to your blog contents both online and offline. Buy books and magazines, surf net and collect bookmarks, read more and equipped yourself with proper knowledge.

Don’t start reading only after you are short of ideas, you should always be prepared and improve your knowledge with your blogging topic.

Always note down your ideas

You can’t be sitting around your PC all the time, but you will generate writing ideas from time to time but couldn’t write about it immediately.

Always prepare yourself with a notebook (or PDA) that you can carry always, and remember to jot down the ideas that you have at any moment.

Socializing and networking

Learning are not limited to books or net surfing, quite often friends can provide inspirations and insight that are useful for your writings.

Just start writing

If you are short of idea in writing, just start writing on something, anything. You can start with a simple keyword or sentence, and expand the idea from there on.

Change your environment, and relax

Change the place you are writing your blog, take a break, go for a walk, drink a cup of tea, and relax. Pushing yourself too hard might not be the best idea to generate ideas.

Learn advance technique

There are numerous creative thinking technique and lesson that’s worth learning. One of the technique I recommend is mind mapping, you can find useful books from Tony Buzan about this topic.

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