There are a few way to make money from your blog, by selling advertising, selling products or enhancing your other online/offline business.

If your blog turns out to be popular in the future, you might get offline opportunities like invited for speech and seminars.

For newbies, the best option to make money from your blog is with advertising network like Google Adsense.

The advantages of Google Adsense are that they accept international affiliates and international traffic, and they don’t have traffic requirements to be accepted into the program.

Google Adsense have developed a contextual system where they will display advertisement that are related to your website content.

There are a few modules for advertising network programs. It can be categorized into CPC, CPM and CPA.

Adsense for example is a CPC (cost per click) program, where publishers only make income when their visitors click on the advertisement.

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) will pay per view. CPM programs will normally require a good and targeted US/Canada traffic to be accepted in their network.

CPA (cost per action) will pay when a specific action has been carried out by your visitors. Being accepted into a CPA program is not difficult, but the money making option is very limited to US and Canada traffic.

Another blog monetization method is by selling products. You can find affiliate programs that have products related to your blog. Affiliate programs like CJ and Amazon have loads of different products to be choose from.

There’s always option to sell advertisement or products by yourself without joining affiliate programs, but quite often it’s not worth the hassles compared to just partnering with those affiliate programs.

Again for newbies, start with Google Adsense. If you have around 10 good blog post, you have a good chance to be accepted into the Adsense program.

Rule of thumb for whatever affiliate program you join, always read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

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