If you purchased the domain and web hosting service as suggested, you will probably need to wait a day or two before you can work on your blog.. so it’s a good day to sit down and write about your goals.

Write it down on paper, what do you want to achieve from your blog? What do you want to get from blogging in long term? 5 years, or 3 years from now? Short term goal in 12 months? What is your goal?

For me I venture into internet business (including blogging) for the freedom in financial and time. Working from home allows me to jump out of the common 9-5 working hours, and soon I can travel around the world with some simple mobile/online devices, while enjoying the consistent income during my travels.

Picture yourself, what do you really want to achieve from blogging? And what can you achieve with your first blog?

There are some webmasters that are making great income from blogging, they show that there’s money and opportunities in blogging world.

[Read about How to Make Money from Blogging]

However, bear in mind that not TOO many bloggers are making 5 figures income monthly (USD).. so don’t get many false hopes that it’s easy to make a fortune. Making 5 figures monthly from blogging requires something special.

What I can suggest though, is that you can make a decent monthly income (say USD1000) from blogging. USD1000 monthly is a decent goal, and can be achieve by almost everyone with proper actions, dedication and hard work.

Even if it’s USD1000 monthly, it takes time to achieve that goal.. 12 months is a logical time to achieve the target. This is merely a suggestion, that’s possibility that you can achieve it sooner, or later, depends on the time you spend, and whether you have got the right niche at the first place.

I am going breaking the goal into figures..

USD1000 per month means around USD33 per day.

Assuming that every 1000 visitors can bring you USD3, which means you need 11,000 daily visitors to achieve your goal.

If you are wondering how I get the 1000 visitors = USD3 figure, it’s based on my experience solely. Depends on the topic of your blog, the income potential will varies, USD3/1000 visitors (or USD3 eCPM) is a logical assumption for general topics.

11,000 daily visitors seem like a huge figure, but it’s achievable. I am a living example of getting to that target (more than that actually) in a year, and bear in mind that I made lots of wrong moves at the beginning of my blogging journey. Life will be easier if you can get advice here or some other resources to avoid the mistakes that I’d made.

If you still feels that the goal is too huge (or too small) for you, you can set your own goal at your preference, but make sure that the goal is good enough to motivate you to blog continuously for the next 12 months.

I am making the goal of USD1000 monthly at the end of a 12 months period for one of my experimental blog, the Malaysia Society Weblog.

Take note that you can actually create more than one blog to achieve your overall target.

Enough reading, time to set your goals.

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