You need a script, or Content Management System (CMS), or blogging software to make blog postings.

I am using Wordpress for most of my blogs, working great for me and thus, recommended for you as well.

I mentioned earlier that you should try your best to get a web hosting that provide Fantastico package, which will allow you to install the Wordpress script with just a few clicks and info.

If you don’t have Fantastico, you will have to install Wordpress the hard way. Well it’s not really that hard, just a bit more troublesome. [Install Wordpress]

After successful installation, time to learn to use the script. There’s a detail guide provided by Wordpress, do take your time to read through those guides, especially the Getting Started page.

It will probably take a few days for you to read the basics if you are totally new to blogging, but it will be time wasting if you only start to blog after fully understanding how the script works, so start reading with Writing Post in Wordpress.

The most important thing about your blog is the content, you need to make blog posting your priority and worry about your blog design and other settings later on.

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