You need to start writing asap. Forget about the site design and other settings, write your first post as soon as you discover how to do it with your blogging script.

There are a few reasons for started writing ASAP. You need at least a few posts to start submitting your blog to directories, getting link exchanges, ask for reviews and apply for advertising networks.

And since that your blog is unlikely to get any visitors at the very beginning, your blog design and settings do not matter at first, you can fine tune your blog later on.

I am not going to teach you what and how to write, you should know your topic the best, better than most of the others. It’s pretty common though, to write your first post introducing your blog and yourself.

There are skills and tips on how to write a great post from both copywriting and SEO perspective, those skills will need continuous improvement and cannot be done in a day or two.

Bottom line it’s good and original contents that matters. So write the article on your own, don’t simply copy and paste. Also if you are using any resources from other websites, do remember to credit back to the owner, it’s the right thing to do.

How often should I write?

This is a pretty common question for newbies, how often should you update your blog? There’s no absolute answer to that, it will depends on the topic and target readers of your blog.

Normally I will suggest bloggers to blog just once a day, nothing more and nothing less. If you do have more time and ideas to write about, I suggest you to start another few more blogs instead.

An exception is when your targeted readers are tech savvy and frequent net surfers, example if you are writing stuffs related to internet, webmaster, tech and gadgets etc.. you are encourage to update your blog more often, probably 2-3 post a day.

[Read more about How Frequent to Update Your Blog]

Whatever, just start writing now and make your first post. Cheers.

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