A unique and professional blog design will give your readers a good first impression and some sense of assurance that your blog are serious stuffs.

If you are a good web designer, cool.. go ahead and give your blog a nice makeover. Else if you have some money to spare, get a designer for around USD400-USD800 for a unique and great looking blog design.

If you are not a good web designer, and are not prepared to spend on hiring a web designer, then just stick to what you have. It’s absolutely ok to work with non unique and simpler templates.

Your blog design will play lesser role in deciding the success of your blog. In the end it’s content, SEO, copywriting and marketing that will play the major part in your blogging venture.

So don’t worry too much about your blog design. As long as it’s easy to navigate and are properly aligned, it’s ready to go.

Btw, if you are using Wordpress, there are bunches of users submitted blog templates that are really good in quality. Just go to the WP Themes Resources to find your favorite design, follow their instructions and get your favorite blog template.

If you are using other blogging scripts, there should be a few templates to choose from as well, but probably won’t have the luxury of choices like Wordpress. However chances are that you will be able to find some free templates online from other resources.

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