I’ve mentioned that it probably take 2 weeks to start and manage a blog to get on track of being successful, I’ll now provide the steps by steps with actual experiment.

What I’ll do is to start a blog from scratch and implement what I am writing for the next few weeks, step by step on how to make that blog a potential successful blog.

In fact I’ll start another 2-3 blogs as reference on the effect of different topics and tactics applied.

I’m assuming that most people will start a blog on part time basis, thus will be having 2-3 hours a day to work on their blog; and I’ll arrange the daily step by step guide accordingly.

I also assumed that most newbies will not want to spend too much at the beginning, so I’ll keep the cost minimum as well.

My aim is to compile a simple guide at the end of the experiment, and hope that the newbies who want to make money with blogging, could benefit from what I write.

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