I am starting 3 blogs as experiment to my “Learn To Blog” project, by implementing the step by step guide that I’m going to write for the next few weeks.

I am not writing all the 3 blogs based on the BEST niche, but to write it in a way that it can show the importance of finding the right niche.

As written at the previous post about finding topics and niches, first is to find a topic that I’m interested or good at, then trim down to various related smaller topics, and evaluate the potential of each and in the end find the right niche.

I am writing all 3 blogs based on Malaysia context. Malaysia websites are mostly not Search Engine Optimized (we’ll discuss about SEO later), and is relatively easy to get readers to a certain extend.

The hottest Malaysia related topic will be on travel, which is attracting lots of foreign traffic, and are pretty decent in terms of monetization value.

However there’s lots of websites about Malaysia travel, writing about Malaysia travel itself is probably not the best niche. If you are interested with this topic you’ll have to trim it to smaller topics, say Malaysia beaches etc.

As said I’m going to show what’s the impact of implementing my strategies on different topic, thus I’m going to experiment on writing about the general Malaysia Travel.

The 2nd blog I’m going to write is about Malaysia Social and Politics. This is possibly an easier topic to dealt with, as lots of Malaysians are looking for alternative source of political views, but not too many of websites or blogs are available yet.

There’s good chance that a Malaysia political blog will do well, but note that the potential is not too high. It will be considered a success if the blog can get 10,000 daily visitors in 12 months, and because the visitors are most likely to be from Malaysia, the monetization value (for Malaysian traffic) is not that high.

The last blog I’m going to experiment with is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Malaysia. The monetization value is good, not too many competitions, BUT with very limited potential traffic.

There are not many Malaysians that are going to search for SEO, the traffic is limited.. and if I’m going to compete for international traffic, SEO is really tough.

So here it goes, the comparison between the 3 blog topics..

Malaysia Travel
Potential traffic - high
Monetization value - moderate
Competition from other websites - tough

Malaysia Social Politic
Potential traffic - moderate
Monetization value - low
Competition from other websites - easy

Malaysia SEO
Potential traffic - low
Monetization value - high
Competition from other websites - moderate

As you can see each website has its pros and cons, we’ll see which work the best after a certain period of time.

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