Yupe, seriously. I am in the process of reforming my online business, and after some consideration decided this blog will not be my priority.

The main reason for ending this blog is the duplicate idea and content with my other Webmaster Blog, and it doesn’t make logical sense to maintain 2 similar blog myself.

At the beginning I started this blog to cater particularly for Malaysian readers to make money online, only after 3 months of blogging I realized that the idea and tips of making money online is applicable globally.

What Malaysians need is what the rest of the world will need to do in online business. Hope that you can still find something useful from the archives.

If you have been enjoying my reading here, you should find another Webmaster Blog of mine interesting as well, I will continue sharing ideas there.

Thank you.

This is the summary of my LEARN TO BLOG project, which provides simple guidelines for newbies to build a decent blog that has the potential to grow into a popular and successful blog.

All it takes is 15 days to make things on track, follow the links for more details..

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Initially when I started the “Learn to Blog” project, I thought that it would take around 2 weeks to kick start a new blog, so here it is.. 15 days to build a decent blog that has good chance to become successful in future.

Mind that these 15 days are only the basics, from finding a niche, to blog setting, promotion, SEO and monetization.

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There are a few way to make money from your blog, by selling advertising, selling products or enhancing your other online/offline business.

If your blog turns out to be popular in the future, you might get offline opportunities like invited for speech and seminars.

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Bloggers’ block is the common term when bloggers are running short of blogging ideas and couldn’t deliver frequent posting.

Bloggers’ block can happen to blog newbies as well as season bloggers. The key is to equipped yourself with the proper technique to overcome the block, or totally avoiding the bloggers’ block at the first place.

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Link exchange is another basic element for SEO, and it has better value than directory submission, as quite often links from other topic related websites/blogs are generating much better direct traffic than directories.

Where to find websites for link exchanges?

There are a few ways of doing so..

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Life will be easier if you have the proper bonding and networking with the right group of people. Networking is essential in any business, same rule applies for being a webmaster as well.

You need to make friends with other webmaster, particularly those that share the same interest and writing the same thing as you do. You can learn from the experience of others, and if you have good relationship with some webmasters, you can cross-promote each other websites from time to time.

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If you have started posting once a day as suggested, you should have at least 6 blog posting by now. Time to start submitting your blog to directories.

Nowadays the main purpose for directory submission is not to get direct traffic, but to get incoming links for SEO purpose.

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