An article from Modern Life is Rubbish, featuring the trends of the top 100 blogs at

Studies include blogging software used, monetization methods, language used, blog topic, background color and fonts.

[Thanks to Blogging Pro for the lead]

SEMBasics shared a few ideas on how webmasters can find quality content for our websites or blogs.

Here it is, 11 ways to generate good contents for your website or blog…

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Constant update is an essential factor that’s going to determine the success of your blog; and to do that we will need lots of resources and creativity to generate ideas.

There are a few factors that can help in generating blogging ideas, read my earlier article about avoiding bloggers’ block for more tips; but now I am going to show some resources where you can find some useful and updated resources.

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A good place to start reading about being a webmaster is provided by Google Webmaster Help Center.

The help center provides simple guidelines to get crawl by Google Search Engine, and the basis to rank well at the Search Engine Results Page.

Also included are black hat methods and other techniques that should be avoid.

There’s a rule of thumb to make money online, in fact it’s the basic rule of making money in every kind of business.. that is to give people what they want.

If you are building a website, you have to know what you visitors are expecting to get from your website. You also need to know where to find and attract these visitors to your website.

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This is the summary of my LEARN TO BLOG project, which provides simple guidelines for newbies to build a decent blog that has the potential to grow into a popular and successful blog.

All it takes is 15 days to make things on track, follow the links for more details..

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Initially when I started the “Learn to Blog” project, I thought that it would take around 2 weeks to kick start a new blog, so here it is.. 15 days to build a decent blog that has good chance to become successful in future.

Mind that these 15 days are only the basics, from finding a niche, to blog setting, promotion, SEO and monetization.

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There are a few way to make money from your blog, by selling advertising, selling products or enhancing your other online/offline business.

If your blog turns out to be popular in the future, you might get offline opportunities like invited for speech and seminars.

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