An article from Modern Life is Rubbish, featuring the trends of the top 100 blogs at

Studies include blogging software used, monetization methods, language used, blog topic, background color and fonts.

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Constant update is an essential factor that’s going to determine the success of your blog; and to do that we will need lots of resources and creativity to generate ideas.

There are a few factors that can help in generating blogging ideas, read my earlier article about avoiding bloggers’ block for more tips; but now I am going to show some resources where you can find some useful and updated resources.

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This is the summary of my LEARN TO BLOG project, which provides simple guidelines for newbies to build a decent blog that has the potential to grow into a popular and successful blog.

All it takes is 15 days to make things on track, follow the links for more details..

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Initially when I started the “Learn to Blog” project, I thought that it would take around 2 weeks to kick start a new blog, so here it is.. 15 days to build a decent blog that has good chance to become successful in future.

Mind that these 15 days are only the basics, from finding a niche, to blog setting, promotion, SEO and monetization.

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Bloggers’ block is the common term when bloggers are running short of blogging ideas and couldn’t deliver frequent posting.

Bloggers’ block can happen to blog newbies as well as season bloggers. The key is to equipped yourself with the proper technique to overcome the block, or totally avoiding the bloggers’ block at the first place.

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Life will be easier if you have the proper bonding and networking with the right group of people. Networking is essential in any business, same rule applies for being a webmaster as well.

You need to make friends with other webmaster, particularly those that share the same interest and writing the same thing as you do. You can learn from the experience of others, and if you have good relationship with some webmasters, you can cross-promote each other websites from time to time.

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If you have started posting once a day as suggested, you should have at least 6 blog posting by now. Time to start submitting your blog to directories.

Nowadays the main purpose for directory submission is not to get direct traffic, but to get incoming links for SEO purpose.

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A unique and professional blog design will give your readers a good first impression and some sense of assurance that your blog are serious stuffs.

If you are a good web designer, cool.. go ahead and give your blog a nice makeover. Else if you have some money to spare, get a designer for around USD400-USD800 for a unique and great looking blog design.

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