Stats from in June 2006; about worldwide and country specific screen resolutions of internet users.

The most popular screen resolutions on the web in the world are:
1. 1024 x 768 56.15%
2. 1280 x 1024 15.79%
3. 800 x 600 12.04%
4. 1280 x 800 4.09%
5. 1152 x 864 3.90%

The screen resolution usage is essential to determine the trend for website designs. Lots of websites are still designed with 800×600 resolution in mind; perhaps it’s time to focus on 1024×760 instead.


A unique and professional blog design will give your readers a good first impression and some sense of assurance that your blog are serious stuffs.

If you are a good web designer, cool.. go ahead and give your blog a nice makeover. Else if you have some money to spare, get a designer for around USD400-USD800 for a unique and great looking blog design.

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