Ok I am not asking you to actually hire someone. My point is lots of people are browsing the employment section on papers and classifieds, and it could be worth it to advertise online or offline with a ‘hiring’ ad to attract your website traffic.

This can be done if you have a really solid website that’s already making thousands of dollars; no point wasting money to promote your personal blog by pretending that you are hiring, people probably won’t buy your trick anyway.

I first have this thought after a chat with a friend that work in HR department for one of the largest electronic firm in Malaysia… apparently lots of the time they put up employment ads without the real intention to hire someone, but to create brand awareness instead.

The employment ads normally work better than normal newspaper ads because people are reading the ads willingly and actively looking for something.

A good example of hiring is like if you are running a GOOD web design blog/forum/website, you can put up an ad like “hiring web designers” and probably attract some good numbers of web design savvy people to visit your site, with some of them converted to loyal visitors hopefully.

Note that this idea is not limited on newspaper, there are lots of free classifieds online that we can try our luck with.

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