Welcome to Malaysia Make Money Online Weblog, the blog to teach Malaysians in making money online.

I’m Yein Jee, the blogmaster. I’ve been involved in internet ventures for more than 3 years, including various freelance projects, business affiliates and web publishers.

I won’t say that I achieved great success compared to some big boys, but from a Malaysian perspective, I am one of the rarity that are making a life solely based on online income.

Working from home give me the luxuries of having flexible time and to enjoy my life better. My friends are beginning to envy my living and asking me for guidance to make money online.

This prompts my thinking that the option of making money online is not very well explored by Malaysians, and I felt that we are missing lots of great opportunities.

Thus I started this blog with the intention of sharing my experience and perhaps a bit of expertise as well, to help newbie (Malaysians in particular) to make money online.

Hope you all will find useful information here, and enjoy your reading.

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